Creative Custom Closet Solutions

Walk-In and Reach-In Closets

Every closet from a large walk-In or small reach-In closets start with a complimentary custom design. We strive to make sure that we use every inch of your space, but also keep budget, functionality and aesthetics a must. We also love the challenge of homes that have no closets or very small closets. Those are usually the ones that have the most dramatic changes. We can usually double or triple your usable space. We can design wall units to take advantage of every available space in your home. With adjustable shelves and rods, we can not only make use of your space to the fullest, but you can adjust and add at any time in the future for your changing needs.

All of our closet and storage systems are built from the floor up for maximum strength using 3/4” material. Our material color choices include a full range of colors from white to a dark woodgrain finish and everything in between. We use steel rods with chrome and brass finishes. You can also get rods in a dark oil bronze. We can make custom drawers in any size that include full extension soft closing slides. Don’t forget our full line of accessories to choose from. Please check our accessories page for a full list.

To eliminate clutter in our homes, it is imperative to have a spot for everything. This elevates the frustration to find what you are looking for and helps you to see all of your things at a glance.

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